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Olive and Oak Homepathy Storage

Drawer Installation Homeopathy Storage

Drawer Installation Homeopathy Storage

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Solid birch unfinished wood homeopathy storage rack. To be installed inside a cabinet drawer. Sold individually, each row sold separately (see photo on marble for image of one row) Customizable! Designed for one row or stack together to create multiple rows. 

Sized to fit Boiron and/or Ollios OR OHM and/or Tap Roots 7g glass OR WHP and/or Bach Flower Essences .35 fl oz

13" length holds 16 tubes

Boiron and/or Ollios 19" length holds 24 tubes

Boiron and/or Ollios 25" length holds 32 tubes

OHM and/or Tap Roots 7g glass 13" length holds 13 tubes

OHM and/or Tap Roots 7g glass 19" length holds 20 tubes

OHM and/or Tap Roots 7g glass 25" length holds 27 tubes

WHP and/or Bach Flower Essences .35 fl oz 13" length holds 12 tubes

WHP and/or Bach Flower Essences .35 fl oz 19" length holds 18 tubes

WHP and/or Bach Flower Essences .35 fl oz 25" length holds 24 tubes

For all lengths, height measures 1-3/8" from bottom to top of rack. With homeopathy tubes, height measures 2-1/4" (Boiron/Ollios)

Wood is unfinished and sold without any sealer.

To prevent sliding in drawer, mounting strips are included for one rack, to be placed under outermost rack. If you are installing in more than one drawer, please send me a message

Ships in 1 to 3 business days. Please message for expeditated shipping. 

Interested in custom sizes or finishes? Send a message!

No homeopathy tubes included.

Proudly handmade in the United States

Not affiliated with any homeopathy brands

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tanya Steele
Love. Love. Love.

I could not be happier with my homeopathy storage! It is such a blessing to have all my remedies in one place and easy to find! Thank you, Olive and Oak! 😍😍

You Won't Find a Better Way to Organize

From the moment I opened the box, it was a resounding, "Yes!!!" The drawer inserts were exactly the solution I had been seeking. Everything nestles exactly in its place with the labels facing up and the bottles remaining alphabetized. It's absolutely perfect. Homeopathy is based on energy, and I am utterly convinced that having everything stored in such a pleasing fashion enhances each and every bottle in my collection. These are the perfect intersection of form meets function.

Lori Ekrut
Perfect solution to my homeopathic storage needs!

These drawer storage holders for my homeopathic medicines are perfect. Just exactly what I wanted! Fast shipping. Excellent quality!! I will definitely order again when my inventory grows!